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COVID-19 Updates and Resources for the HealthySteps Network

The HealthySteps National Office is monitoring novel coronavirus (COVID-19) policies and practices relevant to HealthySteps sites.

Updates from the HealthySteps National Office:

The HealthySteps National Office at ZERO TO THREE Announces Support for Reduced Well-Child Visits, Expanded Telehealth during COVID-19 Pandemic

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As the coronavirus pandemic shuts down child care centers, as well as a range of service providers and workplaces, it is impacting not only the physical health of families with young children but also threatening their economic and emotional well-being. Learn more about ZERO TO THREE’s policy response to the crisis and take action on behalf of families:

Resources for HealthySteps Sites:

Updated: May 11, 2020

1. Virtual Town Halls for the HealthySteps Network

2. HealthySteps Sites’ COVID-19 Updates

3. Resources Created by HealthySteps Sites and National Advisory Committee Members

4. Telehealth

5. Billing, Reimbursement, Medicaid, and Insurance

6. Funding Opportunities for HealthySteps Sites

7. Well-Child Visits

8. Professional Development/Continued Learning

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10. Self-Care for Providers

11. Food/WIC

12. Direct-Cash Assistance for Families

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1. Virtual Town Halls for the HealthySteps Network

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2. HealthySteps Sites’ COVID-19 Updates

  • Update from North Carolina:

    “The HealthySteps team is working remotely at this time. We will not be available in clinic for face-to-face visits with families.

    As much as we believe our work in clinic is important, we also know it is important right now to reduce non-critical, in-person contacts with our patients and opportunities for exposure.

    Here is our plan to ensure we are still available to families and providers as needed.

    For Families:

    • We will initiate phone check-ins with HealthySteps families around the time of their scheduled WCC.
    • Families can continue to call us as needed. Our office lines have been forwarded to us remotely.

    For Providers:

    • On your daily schedule, look for “HealthySteps” under appointment notes if you’d like to determine whether a patient is followed by our team. “Kristin” or “Rowena” will also be noted.

    • If there is a question/concern that needs to be addressed while the patient is still in clinic you may page us during the visit.

    • Pages should include YOUR NAME, PT NAME and CALL BACK NUMBER

    • For all other needed follow-up, send via in-basket message and we will follow up with the family via phone.

    • Please feel free to give families our phone numbers as needed.

    • We are still accepting new referrals via in-basket and will plan to meet with these families when we are back in clinic.

    Due to the evolving nature of this situation, we will provide updates about our return to clinic when we have that information.

    Thanks, everyone, for the work you do. Please feel free to email us with any questions, concerns or suggestions.

    Take care, HealthySteps Team

  • "universal masking throughout the hospital has been put in place”

  • “–Virtual warm handoffs where in pediatricians are calling me on my cell phone and I am on speaker in the exam room during the visit. I schedule a time with the family to call them at a later date to have a more in-depth conversation. –I am having visits with all newborns and 1-month-olds who present for well-child visits, regardless of the family’s risk level, to offer support and provide resources. Many of these families are likely to be enrolled in Tier 3. –I am calling all families who have been referred for Tier 2 or Tier 3 since I started at Maimonides, whether I’ve actually had a visit with the family or not, and am providing support over the phone and emailing families resources for their own mental health and how to handle their children at this time –I am having weekly staff meetings, from front desk staff to resident to providers, to discuss stress management and share accurate information from our Chief Medical Officers”

  • “HS Specialists are following recommendations for working remotely and are equipped to contact and follow up with patients by phone and continue to document their work in the EMR system remotely.”

  • “HS Specialists have been told to stay home…are not attending WCVs for Tier 3 kids as normal – they’re working on telehealth options…”

  • “…have restricted WCVs to first-year and vaccinations.”

  • HealthySteps and Remote Work Plan as developed by Children’s Home Society of NC

  • “The use of telehealth in Psychiatry ramped up rapidly to meet the substantial clinical needs of patients while reducing the need for patients to travel or wait in crowded areas. In the coming days, we will be screening new patients who may be appropriate for telephonic visits even for an initial visit. In addition, we are working to implement a telehealth platform with video capability.”
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3. Resources Created by HealthySteps Sites and National Advisory Committee Members:

4. Telehealth:

5. Billing, Reimbursement, Medicaid, and Insurance:

6. Funding Opportunities for HealthySteps Sites:

7. Well-Child Visits:

8. Professional Development/Continued Learning:

9. Service Delivery:

10. Self-Care for Providers:

11. Food/WIC:

12. Direct-Cash Assistance for Families

Give Together Now

  • Must have referral from participating nonprofit (review list of state and national partners)
  • Eligible household will receive a one-time payment of $500

National Domestic Workers Alliance Coronavirus Care Fund

  • Emergency assistance for home care workers, nannies and house cleaners
  • Qualifying applicants can receive $400 in emergency assistance
  • Open to domestic workers who have participated in activities of the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), NDWA chapters, affiliate organizations, circles and current Alia users

One Fair Wage Emergency Coronavirus Tipped and Service Worker Support

13. To Share with Families:

14. Reopening Resources

15. Other Helpful Resource Hubs:

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