Resources for Hiring and Orientation

Resources for Hiring and Orientation
Here’s what you need to help find the right HealthySteps Specialist for your practice. Access a sample job description, suggested interview questions, and tips for getting started as a HealthySteps Specialist.

We like to say that if you’ve seen one HealthySteps site, you’ve seen one HealthySteps site!

You know your site best and these resources will help you assess what qualifications and qualities make up the candidate that’s the best fit for your particular practice.

Tailor the job description to your needs and use the sample interview questions as a jumping-off place. For more details, check out Considerations for Hiring a HealthySteps Specialist.

Sample HealthySteps Specialist Job Description pdf 236.4KB Download
Sample HealthySteps Specialist Interview Questions pdf 192.49KB Download
Getting Started as a HealthySteps Specialist pdf 309.56KB Download
Tips for Recruiting pdf 273.35KB Download
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