Transforming the promise of pediatric primary care

COVID-19 Updates and Resources for the HealthySteps Network

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Access & Trust

Pediatric primary care is the only system in the entire country that reaches nearly all young children. No other system has the same consistent and positive connection to families, their young children, and their communities.

Team-Based Care

HealthySteps Specialists join the pediatric primary care team to ensure universal screening of all families, provide referrals, and intensive services if needed.


HealthySteps Specialists address common and complex concerns, such as feeding, behavior, sleep, attachment, maternal depression, access to social supports beyond health care, and adapting to life with a baby or young child.

Why HealthySteps Matters

There is no time in life more important than ages 0-3. These early years lay the critical foundation for long-term development and health. Our most important connections are our first ones with our closest caregivers—these relationships can set babies and toddlers on the path to becoming engaged learners, productive workers, and successful adults. HealthySteps has demonstrated myriad positive outcomes for children, their families, and the practices that serve them. Watch our video to see HealthySteps in action.