Our Impact

HealthySteps Supports Families

We partner with pediatric primary care to make sure families have the strongest foundation possible.
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Impact Stats

Children Reached
Children Reached in 2023
Goal of
Children and Families Reached by 2032
Children Reached
Sites in 25 states, Washington, DC., and Germany
Number of Sites from 2019-2023
Professionals Trained
Professionals trained in the HealthySteps model since 2020
Number of Professionals Trained

HealthySteps Changes the Trajectories of Children's Lives

Children are more likely to receive a developmental screening.

Children are more up-to-date on vaccinations by age 2.

Parents are less likely to use harsh discipline.

The Evidence Base

HealthySteps improves the lives of young children and families.

A female specialist making a toddler laugh while another toddler sits next to her wearing a mask.
A toddler looking at the camera while sitting in his mothers lap as a female pediatrician looks into his ears.

Health Equity

We improve outcomes in areas where there have been persistent inequities for families of color and/or those with low incomes.

Success Stories

Hear how HealthySteps supports families across the country.

"I love being a support, a guide, a contortionist - whatever it is that families need me to be."

Dr. Rachel Herbst, HealthySteps Specialist, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

See Our Impact

“We can think outside the box and be creative and realize that the role of the HealthySteps Specialist is not confined to just what we were doing before the pandemic.”

Dr. Anand Patel, HealthySteps Specialist, Montefiore Medical Group

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A female specialist is wearing a mask while holding a toddler in her arms in one hand while looking down and holding a young girl next to her.

"It’s about providing wraparound services for families in need. Our families are in need all year round, pandemic or no pandemic.”

Bernadette McDaniel, HealthySteps Specialist, Ellis Pediatric Care

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Carlie was born prematurely and has not been eating very much over the last few weeks.

Learn how a HealthySteps team helps Carlie avoid the hospital.
A female specialist standing and a female pediatrician sitting listening to a mother speak while her child sits on her lap in an exam room.

Policy and Advocacy

We promote good health, strong families, and positive early learning experiences for all infants and toddlers.

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