The Implementation Process​

After your team completes onboarding, we partner with your practice to implement the HealthySteps model and set your team up for success. 

We’ll help you get started.

As soon as we complete affiliate agreements, the National Office works with your team to begin implementation planning. In collaboration with your HealthySteps Trainer and TA Specialist, your team will draft an initial implementation plan. Together, we’ll plan for how your site will deliver HealthySteps services with fidelity and assess your progress along the way.

You’ll transform your practice.

We’ll continue to provide consultation throughout the first year following training to ensure that your practice is set up for success. We’ll cover everything from integrating your HS Specialist into the practice and adapting screening workflows, to data collection and reporting, so that your team can achieve the evidence-based outcomes of HealthySteps. 

Resources Available to You

Ongoing professional development

offered in-person and virtually by the HealthySteps National Office, ZERO TO THREE, and jointly with the American Academy of Pediatrics at a low cost or free.

Exclusive resources for parents and providers

from parenting guidance to data reporting assistance and screening support.

Site-to-Site Contact

via HealthySteps Connect so your team can ask questions and gain insights from other HealthySteps affiliates around the country.


our free HIPAA-compliant web-based application to support the HS Specialist and improve data reporting capacity.

A female pediatrician standing next to a female specialist who is bent over speaking to a toddler who is holding hands with her mother.

The HealthySteps Implementation Guide

More than 160 pages to fully support your site.

Reporting and Fidelity

Every HealthySteps site is expected to complete Annual Site Reporting (ASR) each year. In addition to the valuable process data programs can use to gauge their implementation efforts, the National Office tracks service delivery fidelity metrics via ASR to ensure that sites achieve fidelity within 3 years of implementing the program.