Partnering with Pediatrics​

We meet parents and caregivers where they are.

Why Pediatrics?

Almost all families take their babies to see a pediatric primary care provider. New parents and caregivers attend 12-13 well-child visits in a child’s first three years—that’s at least 12 opportunities to change a child’s future.

90% of families go to the pediatric office.

Zero to Three, Healthy Steps
Family Care Center
Montefiore Medical Group
Bronx, NY 
March 24 2021

A Trusted Place

No other system has the same consistent and positive connections to families and their young children or stands to make the kind of broad-scale influence on our collective prosperity.

We focus on the pediatric primary care practices that serve the 7 million babies and toddlers in families with low incomes with Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP), or without insurance.

By partnering with pediatric primary care, we bring focus to the key social, emotional, and cognitive skills important to healthy development. In strengthening these areas for young children, we strengthen our communities.