What We Do

The Heart and Science of Fostering Healthy Development

We add a child development expert to the pediatric primary care team.

Our Approach

The science on early brain and biological development tell us that the early years are important to all of us – the capacities and skills developed during this critical period become the basis of a prosperous society. The HealthySteps model is based on the most recent scientific understandings and helps to ensure individual, family, community, and societal well-being.  

A female specialist and female pediatrician smile at the camera while a couple show their toddler a book in the exam room.

A New Team Member 

The HealthySteps Specialist, a child development and behavioral health promotion and prevention expert, joins the team to promote nurturing parenting, which improves babies’ and toddlers’ healthy development and well-being where they are most likely to be – the pediatric primary care office. Together with cutting-edge pediatric primary care practices, we prepare young children for school and life.

Partnering with Pediatrics

We meet parents and caregivers where they are.

A female specialist wearing a mask is sitting down making a toddler comfortable while the mother also wearing a mask watches while standing in an exam room.
A father wearing a face mask is holding his little girl up in the air while she is smiling.

Our Model

Learn about the evidence-based HealthySteps model.

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Our Services

We can help you transform the lives of young children and families in your community.

A female pediatrician standing next to a female specialist who is bent over speaking to a toddler who is holding hands with her mother.