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HealthySteps Connect is your place to share ideas and resources, ask questions, and collaborate with your peers.

HealthySteps Connect is the exclusive online community for HealthySteps network affiliates working to change the trajectories of children’s lives. This is your home to directly engage with the HealthySteps network to enhance your work with children and families, whether you are the sole HealthySteps Specialist in your community or a member of a large HealthySteps team.

Four Steps to Get Started

Step 1: Add a Profile Photo & Update Your Settings

Now that you’ve been added to the HealthySteps Connect community, we recommend uploading a profile picture so others in the community can “see” you (we recommend photos be width 200 x height 300 pixels max.). You can also update your notification settings.

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Step 2: Introduce Yourself

Once your profile is done, head over to the Welcome topic and tell the community a bit about yourself.

Some information you might like to share:

  • Your name and the location of your HealthySteps site
  • Your HealthySteps role(s)
  • How long you’ve been with HealthySteps
  • What you love about HealthySteps
  • What you hope to learn from HealthySteps Connect
  • Anything else you’d like to share!

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Step 3: Get Acquainted

Now that you’ve introduced yourself, get to know the rest of the community! First, have a read through our Code of Conduct to learn a little about how we communicate with each other. Then, browse the community directory to see who’s here.

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Step 4: Get Involved

Now that you’re acquainted, explore topics like Screening or Fidelity and reply to posts, or start a new thread. You might want to share your questions or a recent success with your fellow HealthySteps colleagues. Experts at the HealthySteps National Office are also available to offer insight, so don’t hesitate to tag us!

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