Addressing Health Disparities: Culturally & Linguistically Responsive Care

Addressing Health Disparities: Culturally & Linguistically Responsive Care
Research has consistently demonstrated that race and ethnicity play a significant role in health disparities for young children and their families. It also tells us that providing culturally and linguistically responsive care is a key part of addressing those disparities.

But how do we come to know and understand the family, the community, and the culture of the children/families we serve? How do we learn about and “hold” what’s important to families while we walk alongside them in a culturally responsive and family-centered way? And how can we reduce disparities by ensuring that we are providing accessible and equitable care?

The following materials  support HealthySteps sites with efforts to prioritize quality, family-centered, culturally responsive care:

We encourage members of the HealthySteps network to download these materials and discuss them with your team. HealthySteps Connect is another great resource for connecting with others from across the network to understand how they are working to advance health equity.

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