Addressing Your Own Needs

Addressing Your Own Needs

Children’s experiences over the first 3 years of life set the foundation for their future learning and development. It’s common for caregivers to feel both motivated and terrified when they hear this! This makes sense because parenting is both a gift and a big responsibility. All caregivers want the best for their children, but sometimes the day-to-day challenges can be difficult and exhausting.

Taking care of and being kind to yourself during this major life transition is crucial in order to have the energy to take good care of others, especially young children. Struggling with issues such as depression, financial worries, stress of returning to work after having a baby, or not getting the support you need from your partner or family members, make the job of parenting even more difficult. And for those who worry about whether their child is on track for his age, or who have a fussy baby who is hard to bond with, the transition to parenthood can be especially difficult. But you are not alone. These are worries and challenges that many caregivers face every day.

The HealthySteps (HS) program helps all families to reduce stress and improve the well-being of both children and their caregivers. During the HS visit, you can ask your health care provider or HealthySteps Specialist—a trained child development expert—about developmental milestones or child-rearing challenges, resources for families in your community, or other worries you may have.

HS practices know that raising healthy children is about supporting healthy families. Learn more about the ways we can support you and your child, connect you with local resources, and offer the developmental and parenting information you are looking for, for your unique child. Click here to find an HS program near you.

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