California Sustainability Resources

California Sustainability Resources
California’s infants, toddlers, and families deserve equitable opportunities for a strong, healthy start in life. 
The good news? The state continues to implement strong policies and investments to promote good health, creating opportunities to fund evidence-based programs like HealthySteps.
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Babies & Toddlers in California

1.3 million

babies and toddlers, representing 3.4% of the state population


live in households with incomes less than twice the federal poverty line


receive developmental screening
Source: ZERO TO THREE, State of Babies Yearbook, 2023.

Billing, Coding, and Payment Resources​

CA Billing and Coding Guide

Highlights commonly billable HealthySteps and HealthySteps-aligned services with corresponding allowable, billable providers

Webinar Series

Best practices for using the HealthySteps California Billing and Coding Guide to secure funding.


Answers to the most common questions about billing and coding for HealthySteps and HealthySteps-aligned services in California.

Crosswalk of HS-Aligned Services with Billing Codes and Provider Types

List of the reimbursable HS-aligned services and corresponding list of providers who can render the services to assist with hiring decisions or to quickly identify “open” codes in California.

Helpful Sources for the Billing and Coding of HealthySteps-Aligned Services

Highlights commonly billable HealthySteps and HealthySteps-aligned services with corresponding allowable, billable providers

HealthySteps Model for New Dyadic Care Medi-Cal Benefits in California

Overview of the new benefits and how the HealthySteps model can be used to support implementation and service delivery

Billing California Medi-Cal for Dyadic Therapy Benefit

Memorandum prepared by Manatt regarding billing Medi-Cal eligible and non-Medi-Cal children and families for dyadic therapy services.

General Resources

Full library of resources to support HealthySteps sustainability​

Questions about funding for HealthySteps sites in California? Contact us.

Recent Updates

Marketplace: California is reshaping Medicaid to bring new health services to families

Families with small children in California often struggle to access preventive care — things like behavioral and developmental screenings and vaccines — that could help them be healthier and happier in the long run...

LA Times: California is set to make a big investment in treating parents and children together

When a parent takes an infant to the Children’s Health Center in San Francisco for a routine checkup, a pediatrician will check the baby’s vitals and ask how the child is doing at home...

Center for American Progress: Health Equity in Childhood Policy

California Children’s Trust’s Alex Briscoe and ZERO TO THREE’s Patricia Cole joined CAP for a webinar discussion about the social determinants of health and the importance of prioritizing holistic child and family policy. Alex talked about reimagining billing and care in California to prioritize dyadic, preventive models like HealthySteps.

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