Early Learning Resources to Share with Caregivers (English)

Early Learning Resources to Share with Caregivers (English)
Our Early Learning handouts are for HealthySteps practices to share with families.

The HealthySteps Early Learning handouts follow the well-child visit schedule, including the newborn visit, and suggest no- and low-cost activities to enhance caregivers’ ability to stimulate their baby’s development and promote school readiness. Handouts are available in English and Spanish.

Activities are offered in the following areas:

  • Language
  • Managing Feelings
  • Science and Math
  • Problem-Solving
  • Physical Skills
  • Art and Music

We also developed guidance for HealthySteps Specialists and the pediatric primary care team for sharing these resources with caregivers. We encourage HealthySteps sites to download all our resources to all computers in the practice so everyone on the team can quickly access them and share them.

All Early Learning Handouts (English) zip 9.82MB Download
Newborn Visit - Early Learning (English) pdf 3.35MB Download
4-Month Visit - Early Learning (English) pdf 543.31KB Download
6-Month Visit - Early Learning (English) pdf 653.27KB Download
9-Month Visit - Early Learning (English) pdf 629.73KB Download
12-Month Visit - Early Learning (English) pdf 801.6KB Download
15-Month Visit - Early Learning (English) pdf 615.95KB Download
18-Month Visit - Early Learning (English) pdf 780.92KB Download
24-Month Visit - Early Learning (English) pdf 1.06MB Download
30-Month Visit - Early Learning (English) pdf 714.92KB Download
36-Month Visit - Early Learning (English) pdf 834.07KB Download
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