Welly FAQ

Welly FAQ

Welly is a HIPAA-compliant, mobile-friendly, web-based, care coordination platform, designed to optimize the capabilities of the HealthySteps Specialist (HS Specialist) while seamlessly capturing data for Tiers 2 and 3 reporting and analysis. HS Specialists can document data for the whole family, coordinate care, track referrals, and follow up. Welly is a dynamic tool that can be refined over time.

Welly was designed specifically for the HS Specialist. While EHRs capture information for individuals, Welly captures information for an entire family, called the “Family View”. This function allows the HS Specialist to see all notes, screening results, and referrals for the entire family.

Using it throughout the day, HS Specialists can review historical information and document new interactions with families. Capabilities include documenting visits, recording screening results, a closed-loop referral capability, seamless data capture, and a reporting module that calculates Tier 2 and Tier 3 Annual Site Reporting (ASR) metrics.

Welly tracks data on any families entered into the system. Typically, this will be limited to HealthySteps Tier 2 and Tier 3 patient data.

Yes. Welly includes a reporting module that provides data and insight on Tier 2 and Tier 3. Currently, this includes patient counts and Tier 2 and 3 fidelity metrics. In the future, this module will be expanded to include all ASR metrics and other standard reports requested by HealthySteps sites using the application.

No. Direct interface capability with the EHR is not currently available. Welly does include functionality that allows information to be printed to PDF so that it can be incorporated into the EHR manually.

No. The first version includes the ability to calculate some Tier 2 and Tier 3 data, including all Tier 2 and 3 fidelity metrics. Tier 1 data applies to all children 0-3 in your practice, so the EHR will still need to be used for many or all of those metrics.

As a web-based application, Welly does not require any software to be loaded to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Users access the application from a web browser. All that is required is an internet connection.

The HealthySteps National Office will provide one-on-one training with you/your site. The HealthySteps National Office consulted with several HS Specialists on the design and development of Welly, and ongoing feedback from new users is always welcome! The layout of the screens and the overall workflow are intuitive and require only basic training to get started. As Welly is deployed, and more HealthySteps sites use the application, the HealthySteps National Office will refine the tool to best meet the needs of HS Specialists.

If you have additional questions, please contact HealthySteps Senior Product Manager David Kilsheimer at [email protected]

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