The Model

HealthySteps adds a child development professional, called a “HealthySteps (HS) Specialist”, to the practice who becomes an integral part of the primary care team.

It starts with a HealthySteps Specialist

The HS Specialist partners with families during well-child visits, coordinates screening efforts, and problem-solves with parents for common and complex challenges in child-rearing and other areas. The HSS is trained to provide tailored guidance and referrals, on-demand support between visits, and even care coordination and home visits when needed. The relationships the HSS builds with families ensure they have access to the expertise and personalized support often needed to give their children the best start in life.

The role and credentials of an HS Specialist are kept flexible so that each practice can choose just what its staff and families need. By proactively building strong relationships with families and providers, the HSS strengthens parents’ connection to the pediatric practice, fosters true family-centered care, and improves physician satisfaction with care quality.

HealthySteps’ engaging Core Components…

…form a backbone for connections that make a difference for families.