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ZERO TO THREE’s HealthySteps program provides early childhood development support to families where they are most likely to access it – the pediatric primary care office.

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meet families where they are foster healthy development support nurturing caregiving promote school readiness transform pediatric primary care

We take an innovative approach to prevention. 

The early years are important to all of us – the capacities and skills developed during this critical period become the basis of a prosperous society. HealthySteps Specialists identify whether children are reaching developmental milestones, help connect families to additional services, and answer families’ questions about child development and well-being so all babies and toddlers have a strong start in life.

A mother is holding her son while looking down smiling at him as he is slightly smiling.

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We change the trajectories of children's lives.

"I love being a support, a guide, a contortionist - whatever it is that families need me to be."

Dr. Rachel Herbst, HealthySteps Specialist, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

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“We can think outside the box and be creative and realize that the role of the HealthySteps Specialist is not confined to just what we were doing before the pandemic.”

Dr. Anand Patel, HealthySteps Specialist, Montefiore Medical Group

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A female specialist is wearing a mask while holding a toddler in her arms in one hand while looking down and holding a young girl next to her.

"It’s about providing wraparound services for families in need. Our families are in need all year round, pandemic or no pandemic.”

Bernadette McDaniel, HealthySteps Specialist, Ellis Pediatric Care

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Carlie was born prematurely and has not been eating very much over the last few weeks.

Learn how a HealthySteps team helps Carlie avoid the hospital.

is possible for everyone.

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