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HealthySteps Institute - Now Virtual!

The HealthySteps Institute helps sites understand the “why” and “how” of the HealthySteps model.

HealthySteps continues to onboard new sites amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have adapted our traditionally in-person training, the HealthySteps Institute (HSI), for a virtual environment. To date we’ve successfully onboarded more than five new sites virtually.

What does HSI cover?

HSI is an interactive learning experience. The training is designed to introduce practice staff to the HealthySteps model and explain how the model can help to meet the needs of the infants, toddlers, and families they serve.

HSI includes implementation planning as well as the principles and strategies for effective intervention.

HSI is a modular training and agendas are developed in partnership with practice staff and administrators to ensure that the experience best serves the needs of the site, including its population, size, and staffing. We break the content up into three modules, or sessions—The What & Why, Implementation Planning, and Strategies for HS Specialists.

The Virtual Training Experience

We use a blended approach to deliver the content. We’ve developed asynchronous eLearning modules for the first session, The What & Why, and sessions 2 and 3 are conducted in synchronous Zoom meetings.

Our new format allows us to spread HSI modules over several days—all scheduled for times that allow maximum participation. We’re flexible, which means your training could take place in one week or over a few.

When planning, please note the training fee may be reduced when multiple practices and/or health systems participate simultaneously. For this reason, we encourage sites to collaborate with other practices or local initiatives.

Want to learn more?

Contact us to learn more about training fees and becoming a site.

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Pediatric primary care staff on the second day of HealthySteps Institute in Santa Cruz, California.

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