Care Coordination and Data Reporting Web App

Our exclusive application is designed for HealthySteps sites.

Designed for and by HealthySteps Specialists

You will have a highly intuitive user experience designed for the role you play on the HealthySteps team and your work with families. Welly is only available to HealthySteps sites.


Care Coordination at your Fingertips

You can easily document the entire picture of a family in one place.

  • Connect parent and child records
  • Document well-child visits and consults
  • Deploy screenings and track results
  • Receive alerts about missed visits and referral follow-up
  • Use the closed-loop referral capability
A female specialist standing and a female pediatrician sitting listening to a mother speak while her child sits on her lap in an exam room.

Simplify HealthySteps Data Collection and Reporting

Welly is designed based on your workflow. You can gather the data you need efficiently, and in the background, Welly will seamlessly prepare reports for HealthySteps’ required annual reporting. There are also options for additional data extracts to do your own analyses.

HIPAA Compliance, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy

Welly Lite is a HIPAA-compliant application. Welly creates, stores, and views Personal Health Information (PHI). ZERO TO THREE and HealthySteps have taken care to follow rigorous security and safety standards with Welly. All AWS components of Welly are HIPAA compliant. Users can learn more about AWS HIPAA compliance here.

ZERO TO THREE completed an internal HIPAA audit to ensure compliance. This risk assessment can be reviewed upon request. HIPAA risk assessments are conducted on a yearly basis.

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