NY OMH Supports HealthySteps Expansion

NY OMH Supports HealthySteps Expansion
NY OMH anticipates additional funding opportunities to implement the HealthySteps program will be available this year.

Since 2016, the New York State Office of Mental Health’s (OMH) Office of Prevention and Health Initiatives (OPHI) has staunchly supported the implementation of HealthySteps. The evidence is clear that HealthySteps shows gains for all stakeholders involved: physicians reported increased understanding of families’ needs, clinicians felt equipped to meet the behavioral and developmental needs of children, and families were more likely to comply with well-child visits and vaccination schedules, increasing continuity of care and parent satisfaction.

The HealthySteps program is implemented in pediatric health care settings, in tandem with well-child visits, that allows for non-stigmatizing and universal access to these services. This universal approach promotes equity and provides services to families within their communities of origin at a time when accessing pediatric care is normative and expected. To date, OMH has awarded funds for 97 practices to implement HealthySteps, with a goal to expand this coverage to full, statewide access.

Interested organizations are encouraged to actively monitor the OMH procurement page. You can also view the previous June 2023 RFP for more information.

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