HealthySteps Outcomes Summary

HealthySteps Outcomes Summary
HealthySteps has significantly positive outcomes for children, their families, and the physicians and practices that serve them.

Young Children and Families Thrive

HealthySteps improves child health and well-being by supporting perceptual, motor and physical development, strengthening early social-emotional development, and promoting timely and continued care.

  • Screening and Connection to Services
  • Breastfeeding and Age-Appropriate Early Nutrition
  • Social-Emotional Development
  • Timely and Continued Care, and Vaccinations


HealthySteps improves family health and supports a child’s early learning and overall well-being.

  • Screening and Connection to Services
  • Maternal Depression
  • Knowledge of Infant Development
  • Child Safety Practices
  • Risk Factors for Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Early Literacy and School Readiness


HealthySteps supports pediatric primary care practices to improve their patients’ experience and provider satisfaction while lowering health care costs.

  • Patient and Provider Satisfaction
  • Improved Continuity of Care and Vaccination Rates
  • Lower Health Care Costs


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