Virtual HealthySteps Institute

Virtual HealthySteps Institute
Your team will learn about the innovative HealthySteps model—based on the latest scientific understandings of how early childhood development works—and how it supports babies, toddlers, and their families.

The Virtual Training Experience

Our Virtual HealthySteps Institute (VHSI) is an interactive training experience. We designed our training to introduce your team to the HealthySteps model and how it will help your practice meet the needs of the infants, toddlers, and families you serve.

“The virtual training was beyond my expectations and provided rich content and framework for us to start our HealthySteps program. I am very much looking forward to…the upcoming months as we take on the challenge to support and empower our families with young children.” -Loretta Au, MD, Chief of Pediatrics, Charles B. Wang Community Health Center

What does the training cover?

Experts from the HealthySteps National Office will share the HealthySteps model and the research behind it, collaborate in implementation planning and share intervention strategies for your HealthySteps Specialist(s).

In addition, you’ll receive information, tools, and clinical examples to prepare your team to successfully implement the HealthySteps model.

How is training delivered?

We use a blended approach to deliver the content, including online courses completed independently and live practice and application Zoom calls. Team members, depending on their role, will complete specific online courses and attend specific live sessions.

The training calendar is set in advance and your trainer will work with you and your team to find a date when your practice is ready to train.

What will you learn?

Unit A: The What & Why of HealthySteps
We introduce your whole team to the HealthySteps model, the research behind it, the eight Core Components, and our tiered approach to support families of children ages 0-3. Then, we use a case-based approach to explore the application of key concepts of HealthySteps in clinical examples with you. Everyone in the medical practice completes this unit.

Unit B: Implementation Planning
We will guide your team through an in-depth exploration of the eight Core Components of the HealthySteps model. We will support your team to develop and refine their HealthySteps implementation plan. Team members directly responsible for the implementation of HealthySteps complete this unit.

Unit C: Strategies for HS Specialists
Your HS Specialist(s) will learn the knowledge, attitudes, approaches, and skills used to connect with and support families during well-child visits and consultations. HS Specialists are required to attend. We strongly encourage Physician Champions and those who supervise or work closely with HS Specialists to attend too. Not required, but we also welcome you to invite other team members, like behavioral health clinicians and social workers who might benefit.

Review detailed course information.

What is the cost of training?

We’ll provide a quote after confirming the number of sites in your practice.

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