HealthySteps Return on Investment Calculator

Our newest tool is designed for HealthySteps sites to bring cost savings data to the valuable services they provide.

One simple tool for HealthySteps sites.

The online tool is accurate, easy to use, and made exclusively for the HealthySteps network.


Build Your HealthySteps Business Case

Easily determine your sites’ annual savings to Medicaid.

The calculator is supported with analyses from Manatt Health, and experts at the HealthySteps National Office will review your results to make sure that your information is accurate when you approach your Medicaid agency.


Quantify your efforts to close equity gaps.

You are committed to serving children with Medicaid health coverage. With this tool, you can quantify your efforts to close health equity gaps.



Show how your team makes a difference for families.

If you are seeking more sustainable funding, the ROI Calculator will give you the information you need to justify adding a new HealthySteps Specialist to your team, demonstrate how your current HealthySteps Specialists have an impact with their current credentials, or make the case for expansion in your community.


We’re here to help.

After you determine your cost-savings, you can access resources to prepare for conversations with Medicaid and other stakeholders, like a sample presentation, proposed next steps following a meeting, and more.

“Not only does this tool have the capability of demonstrating the value of HealthySteps to funders and partners but it also helps my team see the value of the interventions we promote to HealthySteps families.”